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The Trade Show Backdrop
The hanging trade show backdrop is probably the best value in a trade show display. Nothing else that looks this good is this affordable. But they’re not just for trade shows. You can use them anywhere...
  • Conferences
  • Media events
  • Corporate meetings
  • Any time you think they’ll be a camera in front of you, make sure that your backdrop (with your logo) is behind you.

Easy to set up, easier to maintain
It clips to the standard convention backdrop stands with no tools required. Need your own backdrop stand? Not a problem. We carry stands as well. Use your fabric backdrop at trade show after trade show. If your fabric backdrop gets dirty, just wash it with the rest of your laundry.

Add Your Screen Printed Logo!
We are set up for high-quality large-sized screen-printing of almost any logo. Imagine your screen-printed logo, printed five feet wide across your hanging fabric backdrop. Other options include a fabric backdrop with your logo printed in a repeating pattern. Or, try an unprinted backdrop.

How to send us your logo>>

Accurate color matching and attention to detail ensures that your logo will look great!

(graphic showing various arrangements of single print, repeat print and unprinted drapes)

Mix and match single prints, repeat prints, and unprinted drapes

And about that fabric…
We use only Premier™ 100% polyester twill. Heavier and more durable than nylon, this is without a doubt the best fabric for the job. Need more reasons?

  • Wrinkle free & Machine washable
  • Won’t fade, stretch or rip
  • Stain Resistant
  • Fire-retardant (convention hall friendly – certification included)
  • Looks beautiful in 14 different colors!

The Colors
Choose from a variety of colors. Try a color that compliments the color of your logo, or try one that contrasts your logo for a striking look. Regardless of which color you choose, you can be sure that it won’t fade.
Product List:
Please specify the number of colors in your logo when placing an order. Unprinted products are also available.
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